Entry Fees

Members (only applies to fully paid up Members as at 1 April of the current year)Non Members
Classes: 57-66 & 68-72£7£9
Class: 67freefree
Sheep Pen£3£3
Please note: A £3 compulsory 1st aid fee and a £1.50 booking fee applicable for all on-line entries


No of Entries1st2nd3rd4th
Classes: 57-66 & 68-721-3£20£15
Class: 67£10£8£6£4

Chief Steward – Mrs R Miles

JUDGES – The following have accepted to judge at this years Show:

Pure Bred SheepTBC
Cross Bred Sheep and Butchers LambsMr N Wernham - Berkshire
Rare & Traditional Sheep & Wool on the HoofMrs Peace - Hertfordshire
Young HandlersMr N Wernham - Berkshire


Judging starts at 9.00

  1.  Proof of ARAM licences are required upon arrival.

2.  Entries are subject to current APHA Regulations

3.  Exhibitors please note that with the exception of class 61-63, which will be judged in pens, all other classes will be judged in rings and sheep must be haltered.

4.  Maedi Visna sheep – separate accommodation will be operated in accordance with the Sheep & Goat Health Scheme. Please state on entry form if sheep are Maedi Visna accredited. *MV Certificates must be handed in before unloading.

5.  No animals may be entered into more than one class except those also entered into the Young Handlers Class.

6.  Sheep Pens: Must be pre-booked – Please see entry form.  Note:  There is a charge of £3.00 per pen

7.  Dress Code: It is requested that all exhibitors wear White Coats. All exhibitors will be asked to declare that there have been no known incidents of notifiable disease amongst their livestock in the last two years.

PLEASE NOTE: Trophies cannot be collected except in exceptional circumstances before 1pm

  1. All sheep must be accompanied by animal movement licences to and from the Show. Separate loading/unloading and penning arrangements are made for sheep from MV accredited flocks. To use these facilities sheep must be accompanied by a valid certificate of status.
  2. Tail Docking Schedule 5.5 of the Mutilations (Permitted Procedures) (England) Regulations 2007 requires that enough of the tail must be retained to cover the vulva of a female animal and anus of a male animal. All sheep are liable to be inspected by Animal Health Trading Standards Service and/or DEFRA Animal Health Inspectors on arrival or in the pens. Further enforcement action may be taken by Animal Health Trading Standards Inspectors in relation to any sheep found to be in breach of welfare legislation. Short-docked sheep will be immediately removed from the Show and owners banned from future shows. Prosecutions may follow.
  3. All sheep must have current and valid ear tags.
  4. All exhibitors must have public liability/third party insurance.
  5. All Sheep must be on the Showground by 8.00am and may not be removed before the conclusion of the Grand Parade without permission of the Stewards.
  6. Evidence of illegal tampering with animals to affect their performance at the Show will result in IMMEDIATE expulsion from the Showground. The relevant breed society will be informed.
  7. No dogs allowed in the sheep pens due to animal welfare concerns. Assistance dogs exempt.



Class 57 A pair of Shearling ewes born in 2018
The Colebrook PCC for the best Exhibit.

Class 58 A pair of ewe lambs born in 2019

Class 59 One ram lamb born in 2019

Class 60 One ram born before 1st December 2018

If there are sufficient numbers of Ram Entries in Classes 59 & 60 the Chief Steward has the right to split the Class between M.V Accredited and non M.V. Accredited.

The Savill PCC for the Champion Ram from classes 59 & 60.

Class 64 A pair of Shearling ewes any breed, born in 2018
The Mortimer PCC to the best Exhibit.

Class 65 A pair of Butchers lambs
The NEHAA PCC to the best Exhibit.

Class 66 A pair of ewe lambs any breed, born in 2019 bred by exhibitor

The Col. Sir J.B. Scott PCC for the Champion Exhibit of Sheep in the Classes 57, 58, 61, 62 & 63.

No pure breeds permitted in classes 61 – 63

Class 67 Young handlers aged 5-12yrs. One sheep to be shown by halter. Handlers will be judged, not the sheep.

The Waterston PCC to the winner.

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust is delighted to pledge their support of the Young Handlers’ class by awarding 12 months membership of the Rare Breeds Survivors Club (RBSC) to the highest placed young handler. For more information on the RBST telephone: 024 7669 6551 or email [email protected]

Rare Breeds & listed Minority classes. Classes are open to Breeds of Sheep on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust watchlist: Critical, Endangered, Vulnerable, At Risk and Minority – see the list below.

All sheep must be entered in the flock book of the appropriate Society and presented in accordance with their Society’s rules. Open to accredited and non-accredited sheep.

All entries to be haltered.

Vulnerable: Boreray, Leicester Longwool, Lincoln Longwool,
North Ronaldsay, Welsh Mountain Pedigree, Whiteface Woodland

At Risk: Border Leicester, Castlemilk Moorit, Cotswold, Derbyshire Gritstone, Devon & Cornwall Longwool, Dorset Horn, Hill Radnor, Manx Loaghtan, Portland, Soay, Teeswater, Wensleydale

Minority: Balwen, Devon Closewool, Dorset Down, Greyface Dartmoor, Llanwenog, Norfolk Horn, Oxford Down

In addition, the following native breeds: Badgerface Welsh, Beulah, Black Welsh Mountain, Blackface (Scottish), Bluefaced Leicester, Brecknock Hill Cheviot, Clun Forest, Dalesbred, Exmoor Horn, Hampshire Down, Hebridean, Herdwick, Jacob, Kerry Hill, Llandovery Whiteface Hill, Lleyn, Lonk, North Country Cheviot, Romney, Rough Fell, Ryeland, Shetland, Shropshire, Southdown, South Country Cheviot, South Wales Mountain, Suffolk, Swaledale, Welsh Hill Speckled, Welsh Mountain, Whiteface Dartmoor, Wiltshire Horn

Class 68 Ewe Lamb

Class 69 Shearling Ewe

Class 70 Older Ewe, any age

Class 71 Ram Lamb

Class 72 Ram, any age

The Sparks Tool Hire PCC to the Champion Rare Breed.

The Myra Beswick PCC to the best Rare Breed of the opposite sex to the Champion.

**Classes may be split by Breed or Age should entries warrant, at the discretion of the Chief Sheep Steward**

Sheep in these classes can be drawn from other classes. Please state M.V. status on entry forms. To be judged in the ring.

Class 64       One long wool exhibit

Class 65       One short wool exhibit

Class 66       One natural coloured exhibit, cannot be drawn from the previous two classes

The J A Bevan PCC for the Champion

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