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Judging 10.00am SHARP

Chief Steward & Hon. Secretary
Miss Lucy Barker, 29 Kings Hill, Beech, Alton, GU34 4AW

Assistant Steward: Mrs Chris Newton

Champion Goats to parade in Main Ring

Grand Parade.
Entries Subject to current APHA Regulations.

The Secretary reserves the right to limit entries in any class.

All exhibitors will be asked to declare that there have been no known incidents of notifiable disease amongst their livestock in the last two years.

Entries will not be accepted unless the goat is registered with the BGS and wearing the correct ear tag – this applies especially to kids and goatlings.

Please Note: Trophies cannot be collected except in exceptional circumstances, before 1.00pm.

The British Goat Society offers:

A Rosette for the Best Goat in the Show
A Challenge Certificate for the Best Goat that has borne a Kid.
A Challenge Certificate for the Best Inspection/Production Goat.
A Breed Challenge Certificate for the Best Goat that has borne a Kid of each of the following breeds: Anglo-Nubian, Saanen, Toggenburg, British Alpine, British Saanen, British Toggenburg, Golden Guernsey and British Guernsey.

A Certificate of Merit for The Best British Milker that has borne a kid.

Special Awards:

The ADAS PCC for the best exhibit.
The Lynch PCC for the best goatling bred by exhibitor

No goat shall be eligible to compete that has kidded or aborted less than 30 days prior to the date of the show.

APHA approved for Scrapie monitored herds.
No goat may be removed from the showground before 5.00pm on the day of the show.


  1. All Goat classes are recognised by and subject to the rules and regulations of the British Goat Society (BGS). All exhibits must be fully registered with the BGS, and the BGS earmark number must be quoted on the Show entry form, including entries in respect of kids and goatlings. All goats must have the correct ear tag. All goats in milk must have kidded or aborted a minimum of 30 days before Showday. The last kidding date must be quoted on the entry form for all goats in milk.
  2. All stock exhibited must be CAE negative & a current test certificate must accompany all animals attending the Show. This is to enable quick and accurate confirmation of the status of goats attending the Show. Facilities for goats in the SAC goat health scheme will be provided. In order to prevent the possible spread of CAE exhibitors may not use pooled milk to feed kids.
  3. All goats in milk must be stripped dry under the supervision of a Steward or other properly appointed person on the evening prior to the day on which the judging or competition takes place, whether such goats are competing in the milking competition or not.
  4. No pregnant goat will be admitted to the showground. In the event of any unforeseen kidding or abortion, the animal must immediately be isolated from other goats and full details of the goat, exhibitor and action taken reported to the BGS in writing by the Chief Steward, immediately after the Show.
  5. No kid shall be exhibited which is less than two calendar months old on the day of the Show.
  6. All milking goats must be on the showground by 5.30pm on the Friday before the Show. Kids & goatlings to arrive by 8.00am on the day of the Show.
  7. No goat may be removed from the showground before 5.00pm on the day of the Show.
  8. All goats must be accompanied by animal movement licences to and from the Show. Evident of illegal tampering with animals to affect their performance at the Show will result in IMMEDIATE EXPULSION and reported to the relevant breed society.
  9. No dogs allowed in the goat tents due to animal welfare concerns. Assistance dogs exempt.


Class 76 Saanen or British Saanen

Class 77 Toggenburg or British Toggenburg

Class 78 British Alpine

Class 79 Anglo-Nubian

Class 80 Golden Guernsey

Class 81 Any other variety

Class 82 Any other variety over 6 years

Class 83 Saanen or British Saanen

Class 84 Toggenburg or British Toggenburg

Class 85 British Alpine

Class 86 Anglo-Nubian

Class 87 Golden Guernsey

Class 88 Any other variety

Class 89 Saanen or British Saanen

Class 90 Toggenburg or British Toggenburg

Class 91 British Alpine

Class 92 Anglo-Nubian

Class 93 Golden Guernsey

Class 94 Any other variety

Class 95 Goats that have kidded once only

Class 96 Goats that have kidded more than once

Entry Forms

Online Entries are now closed for this year.

Please contact [email protected] or use the downloadable entry form below.





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