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Alresford Show Countryside Education Project 2011

Hampshire Country Learning

in association with The Country Trust

Judges comments

Hambedon Infant School

46 Y1 & 2 pupils visited Holt Farm. During their visit they looked at sheep, beef cows, cereal crops, chickens, minibeats and also had a go at pond dipping. All of the judges were so impressed with the display that pupils produced as it showed  clearly what the pupils had learnt. Judges were particularly impressed with how many subjects had been covered during the farm visit and in the follow up work. The pupils writing was excellent as were their pictures. Pupils were so nthusiastic and spoke to the judges very clearly about their farm visit, with pond dipping a favourite subject.

Cheriton Primary School

Whole school involved in visits to Middle Farm. Visits included looking at a range of farm animals and machinery. Pupils also had an opportunity to visit a neighbour who kept chickens. The school had worked with Alresford Art Group to produce an art project based on their farm visits. All the judges were so impressed with artwork produced and the technical skills that the pupils used in their work. Judges were also impressed with how well thought out the entire project was and loved how creative it was.

Sun Hill Infant School

60 Y1 pupils involved in visits to Vitacress and Laverstoke Park. Visits focused on the importance of local produce and sustainable food. The pupils work included a variety of activities looking at food miles, food groups, buying produce, writing reports and survey work. The pupils had a brilliant vocabulary and clearly understood the messages of local produce and farm assurance. The judges were so impressed with the schools allotment where pupils were growing produce and selling it on to parents. This is a wonderful project.

RopleyPrimary School

61 Y 3 & 4 pupils involved in visits to West Tisted Estate and Windmill Farm. Pupils saw a range of people involved in running the farms including the tractor drivers, herdsman who look after the dairy cows and beef cows and the gamekeeper. Pupils worked in groups to design and make a variety of project work including scrap books, reports, games, 3D models and drawings. Judges were particularly impressed with the pupils knowledge and understanding of the topics they had investigated and the very relevant questions set by the teacher. The entire project was extremely well thought out and beautifully presented.

Sun Hill Junior School

58 Y5 pupils involved in visits to West Tisted Estate. Pupils got to meet a variety of people that work on the estate and saw beef cows, cereal crops and game birds throughout the year. Pupils produced some amazing work including computer games, health and safety signs, felt bags, farm leaflets, wrapping paper, haiku poems and technical drawings of tractors. The pupils gave the judges a fantastic presentation of all the work and were very articulate with a clear enthusiasm for the work they had produced. The judges were all impressed with the farm finances spreadsheet created by pupils.

Medstead Primary School

30 Y3 pupils involved in visits to Chilton manor Farm. Pupils saw a range of things at the farm including lambs, woodlands, looking at soil, crops and even met a gamekeeper. Pupils produced some beautiful artwork including a collage with some of the animals that had been seen at the farm and close up sections of farm machinery. Pupils are also making models of machinery seen on the farm. The pupils were so enthusiastic about the farm visits and had remembered a lot of information.

Micheldever Primary School

46 Y R, 1 & 2 pupils involved in visits to Riverford Farm. Pupils had seen a lot on the farm including a variety of minibeasts, vegetables and herbs in poly-tunnels and learnt all about food miles. The judges were impressed with the display work produced by the pupils and in particular the information about companion planting and the life cycle of a ladybird. The pupils were very informative and spoke to the judges so clearly about the farm visits and the key messages of food miles. We are delighted to announce the following schools as the winners of the Alresford Show Countryside Education Project 2011;

Junior Prize- Ropley Primary School

Infant Prize- Hambledon Infant School

We would like to thank all of the schools involved in this years project. The standard of work was so high and the judges have had such a tough time deciding. Well done to every pupil. Hampshire Country Learning would like to thank this years judges Mrs Sue Marriott and Lady Robertson for so kindly volunteering their time to meet all of the pupils. Hampshire Country Learning would also like to thank Sir Simon and Lady Robertson of Wield for sponsoring the Alresford Show Countryside Education Project 2011 and Mr Charlie Corbett, Chairman of the Alresford Show, for his support of the project. A formal presentation of the trophies will be made to the winning schools at 2.30pm on Saturday 3rd September 2011 in the education marquee at the Alresford Show by the Alresford Show President Mr Graham Russell MBE. We would also like to present each school involved in the project with a certificate of participation to acknowledge the incredible work the pupils and teacher shave put in to the project. We would be delighted if as many pupils and teachers from each school could join us at this time.